Forum Marketing Tips And Tricks

As we discussed in your first lesson, forum marketing is a great
strategy for using online forums to obtain visitors and customers for
your business.
It's no secret that when you use an online forum to promote your
business it can lead to more traffic to your website and potential sales
of your product or service. This however will depend on the type of
website that you're trying to promote.
This type of marketing needs to be done in a very subtle manner and
without breaking any of the forum rules. It's important to keep in mind
that most forum owners keep a watchful eye out for spammers and if
you're found spamming you may be banned from the forum with no
It is advisable to use only your signature line to promote your product
and use the content of your post to answer questions or offer help and
ideas. If you adhere to this basic strategy, you will have virtually no
chance of your post being deleted and you will build a good reputation
with the other members on the forum.
You should be aware that some forums will require that you make a
certain amount of posts before you can create a signature line. This will
give you the chance to start establishing a good reputation before you
begin to promote your products.
If you are just starting you might consider avoiding forums with this rule
because you want to get your name out as soon as possible. But keep
in mind that even if you do join a forum that allows you to create a
signature line right away you will still need to develop your reputation
before promoting your products. If you carefully execute your forum
marketing strategy, it can be a highly effective marketing tool for your
This type of marketing is effective simply because online forums usually
contain a high volume of members that are interested in the same
topic. If your site relates to the topic of the forum, it opens up the door
for you to a interact with potential customers in a relaxed and low
pressure environment.
Another reason why they are so useful is that you'll be able to get
information on problems that the community may be experiencing.
Once you have gathered this information, you can use it to create new
products that will help the other members of the forum. This is an
opportunity for the savvy business owner.
As I mentioned above, when you are first getting started you will want to
execute your forum marketing campaign with extreme care. You should
post a bare minimum of fifty times before you actually attempt to
promote your products.
This is the basic rule of thumb even if you belong to a forum that allows
you to create a signature line with under fifty posts. You need to
establish your reputation as an expert on the topic of the forum first
otherwise you will have less chance of success.

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